18 January 2010

New piece coming soon

I just wrapped up an essay I'd been working on for a philosophical conference, and submitted it over to The Spearhead. I am told it should be up within the next day or so. I wouldn't mind becoming a regular contributor over there, but we shall see. If that becomes the case, I could use this blog to merely talk about video games and the military. Haha!

::EDIT:: Here it is.


fschmidt said...

The Spearhead is no better than any feminist publication. It promotes PUA and game. It promotes men fighting over women and letting women define the value of men. It never supports men cooperating in brotherhoods or in any other form.

J. Durden said...

Not exclusively. I've seen pieces critical of game up there as well. The problem isn't so much that The Spearhead allows posts about Game as much as it is that men are more likely to adopt Game since it allows them what they think they want.

fschmidt said...

What have seen on The Spearhead that is critical of game? (URL?) What have you seen on The Spearhead that offers any other solution at all; men cooperating, expatting, or foreign wives? By the way, here is the latest nonsense from The Spearhead:

J. Durden said...

My mistake. I tried to pull up the article I had thought was anti game but I must have seen it on another site.

In any case, The Spearhead does not define itself as being a "pro-Game" only place. I first learned about expatting via a link from The Spearhead to John Nada's Going Ghost page (they're affiliates), and Zed/Zen Priest posts often on the Spearhead about men going their own way.

If it seems pro-game, it's because pro-game bloggers also seem to dominate the blogger sphere in general.