13 January 2010

Moral of the Story: Get a Vasectomy

This comment on this post was just too hilarious (and awesome) to let get buried.

TL;DR summary: guy gets a vasectomy. Three months later, he meets a woman with whom he enjoys a casual relationship. She had other designs, however, and about four months into the relationship she plays the "I am pregnant" game, which our hero indulges with a bit of pleasure (knowing obviously the child is not his). After revealing her to be completely crazy and immoral, he performs an awesome coup-de-grace that leaves her sobbing.

Comeuppance! Catharsis! Woo.


T Carey (Visarett) said...

Wow. Read the whole article and the post. Just, wow.

J. Durden said...

I hadn't linked you to the Misandry Bubble yet? Post of the decade, so far. ;)

T Carey (Visarett) said...

I've already shared this with my two brothers, the younger of which is astounded by all the information and statistics.